kids who grew up chubby usually have better bone structure when they older

"The real reason the Second Amendment was ratified, and why it says “State” instead of “Country” (the Framers knew the difference - see the 10th Amendment), was to preserve the slave patrol militias in the southern states, which was necessary to get Virginia’s vote. Founders Patrick Henry, George Mason, and James Madison were totally clear on that … and we all should be too."

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But y’all sleep tho

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Sometimes Dennis Busenitz goes so big that you can’t keep him in frame.. Check the back foot!


has anyone found / looked for a cached copy of Darren Wilson’s facebook page? or were Ferguson PD able to somehow have that deleted as well?

honesty hour, by age 10-11 my dad ingrained it in me that id never be good enough at skateboarding to go pro/make a living but i already knew i loved it more than anything. i was constantly encouraged to quit but never did; that only made me wanna skate more and be at home less. over the 13+ years I’ve stuck with it I’ve made great friends all over the states + france, pushed countless miles, seen the true face of police, developed real & intangible differentiation from civilians, had fun, stayed somewhat fit, and been deeply inspired [rip alien workshop]. in high school i chose graphic design as a general career path hoping to eventually influence skateboarding in a positive way, and it feels so good to be in the industry doing what I set out to do. my dad’s proud but that means next to nothing to me anymore; as far as living a rewarding life with an honest career I’ve already outdone him. do what you want and let the efforts of those who try to hold you back be your motivation. also, learn to forgive


hes the first boss
"Even at age twelve I could tell that Jimmy Carter was an honest man trying to address complicated issues and Ronald Reagan was a brilcreemed salesman telling people what they wanted to hear. I secretly wept on the stairs the night he was elected President, because I understood that the kind of shitheads I had to listen to in the cafeteria grew up to become voters, and won. I spent the eight years he was in office living in one of those science-fiction movies where everyone is taken over by aliens—I was appalled by how stupid and mean-spirited and repulsive the world was becoming while everyone else in America seemed to agree that things were finally exactly as they should be. The Washington Press corps was so enamored of his down-to-earth charm that they never checked his facts, but if you watched his face when it was at rest, when he wasn’t performing for anyone, you could see him for what he really was—a black-eyed, slit-mouthed, lizard-faced old son-of-a-bitch. He was a bad actor, an informer for McCarthy, and a hired front man for a gang of Texas oilmen, fundamentalist dingbats, and right-wing psychotics out of Dr. Strangelove. He put a genial face on chauvanism, callousness, and greed, and made people feel good about being bigots again. He likened Central American death squads to our founding fathers and called the Taliban “freedom fighters.” His legacy includes the dismantling of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, the final dirty win of Management over Labor, the outsourcing of America’s manufacturing base, the embezzlement of almost all the country’s wealth by 1% of its citizens, the scapegoating of the poor and black, the War on Drugs, the eviction of schizophrenics into the streets, AIDS, acid rain, Iran-Contra, and, let’s not forget, the corpses of two hundred forty United States Marines. He moved the center of political discourse in this country to somewhere in between Richard Nixon and Augusto Pinochet. He believed in astrology and Armageddon and didn’t know the difference between history and movies; his stories were lies and his jokes were scripted. He was the triumph of image over truth, paving the way for even more vapid spokesmodels like George W. Bush. He was, as everyone agrees, exactly what he appeared to be—nothing. He made me ashamed to be an American. If there was any justice in this world his Presidential Library would contain nothing but boys’ adventure books and bad cowboy movies, and the only things named after him would be shopping malls and Potter’s Fields. Let the earth where he is buried be seeded with salt."

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» Clinton ignores questions on Ferguson



of course

Remember this and don’t vote for her

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